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About us

Innovation management.

Results-focused, with our "DBC Case Development Centre (CDC)", we offer reliable and advanced solutions with professional implementation in the fields of:

  • service innovations,
  • product and process innovations,
  • concept innnovations:
    • management and organization innovations,
    • business model innovations,
    • media innovations.

Furthermore, we are supporting clients in the early stages of innovation processes to generate additional new ideas, technologies, cost-saving techniques and innovation methods for the successful development of their products and services.

Against this background, we create a rethink as well as strategic and operating control tools in a changing competitive environment, because continuous changes in the economic environment and the markets are a fundamental feature of today’s world.

With our input in the health care sector and education, we make sure that changes in competitive conditions creates future opportunities for companies, organizations and institutions. Our ideas give the impetus for consequentially decisions at the right time, put established views into question and inspire new maxims for action.

Thus, innovation management appears to be essential given the increasingly important role of service-, product- and processinnovations and surprisingly, the corresponding innovation gap in the field of concept innovations, particularly of business model innovations.

The exchanging expertise in our network and with our experts as well as held and getting to know new concepts first hand, will provide us, particularly in the field of “concept innovations” the needed impetus to foster continuous innovation and generate business models, for example in the field of public health and education.

1) Public health:

2) Education:

3) Trade & Services:

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